Room for grace

It’s been way too long since I’ve written a blog post. Truth be told, I haven’t done much writing at all, aside from some quick writes with my sophomores and a sample FRQ for my AP Spanish Lit students. The thing is, I’ve been struggling to stay afloat; most days it feels like my nose is slipping beneath the surface, and I have to fight just to sneak a breath before sinking again.

My days are stuffed to the point of overflowing, and something, or many somethings, has to give. One of those things has been writing. I know that’s not good, because sharing my ideas and successes and worries here has been so good for me as I reflect on my practice. It’s also not good because I feel like I’m letting myself down by not keeping my commitment to writing.

But today I realized something really important. I was advising a new teacher to be creative in finding ways to lighten her load so she doesn’t burn out, and said something about giving yourself some grace in these first years. And it hit me: you don’t need to be a new teacher to afford yourself the same grace you afford to your students and colleagues and family and friends. In the same way that I try to recognize and honor the challenges my students face, the obstacles to attendance and engagement, the distractions and disruptions, I need to be patient and kind and flexible with myself.

Especially as I embark down this path of new learning, I have to be willing to let some things go. I must recognize that I am one person being pulled in many directions. I cannot do everything, I cannot fix everything, I cannot be everything to everyone.

So I’m making room for grace. I’m formulating a plan to take care of myself. I might not write every day, and that’s okay. I might not answer every email or make all the parent calls or stay on top of all the grading. But I will do my best every day to put as much light as I can back out into the world, while also focusing some of that light inward.

Be kind. Show grace. Breathe. Simple reminders for myself as I brace for another jam-packed weekend, followed by another crazy week.

My next post will be about what’s been going on in my workshop world over the past few weeks. I promise. I have lots of updates to share, and I know that’s what you come here for. But I needed this reminder so much today that I thought maybe you needed it, too. ❤

This made me laugh out loud, because, honestly, I tell myself all the time “next week will be better/easier/less busy.” But the thing is, I’m the one who needs to make sure that’s true.

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